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As we celebrate year 23, On-hold Media Group believes more strongly than ever in the power of on-hold messaging, having delivered over 100,000 on-hold messages nationwide. Since launching our company in January, 2001, we have focused on efforts toward the continual advancement of The Shuffle, our online Content Management System. This effort gives our customers the most user-friendly, automated, web-based experience for producing and delivering new on-hold messages with intuitive impact!

We understand that most advertising mediums cast a wide net with hopes to catch a few readers or viewers as they randomly pass by. But On-hold Media Group provides a distinct difference - a targeted direct connection to your existing and potential customers with each call to your business or professional practice, One Caller At A Time. With On-hold Media Group you will always have the opportunity to inform your callers about new products and services, and remind them of the benefits they'll realize from their valued relationship with you.

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Why On-Hold Marketing?

  • It's the most cost-effective form of advertising.
  • It provides an affordable solution to announce company information and products.
  • 7 out of 10 callers are placed on-hold. After 60 seconds, over half of those will hang up on "dead air." On-Hold Media Group's professional messages reduce that to just 2%.
  • 34% of callers who hang up will NOT call back
  • On-hold messaging increases the amount of time callers are willing to spend on hold 15-35%
  • Increase revenue potential - Click here to see for yourself

Why On-Hold Media Group?

On-Hold Media Group has invested over 22 years creating the most advanced "Content Management System" (CMS) technology to deliver a highly scalable, user-friendly experience, message production and delivery system.

Our professional writers and voice talent assure that the on-hold content your callers hear will deliver maximum effectiveness to insure desired results.

We maintain relationships with hundreds of industry professionals to provide economies of scale and unsurpassed product/service-focused content.

Next Level Shuffle™ Technology

  • The On-Hold Shuffle™ system automatically creates future on-hold messages from a playlist you create in just minutes online.
  • Select scripts from your libraries to create your playlist. Designate Priority scripts, and start/end dates if needed.
  • Audition and add as many music tracks as you like from nearly 300 selections
  • Enjoy automatic production updates weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  • Fresh ideas—fresh sounds. Shuffle makes it happen!

Success Stories

"For years, I’ve listened to advertisements on the phone while on-hold and thought that it would be good for our company as well. But it wasn't until On-Hold Media Group contacted us and easily made it possible. The professionalism and creativity of the professionally-voiced library takes away the hassle. Plus the staff is helpful by suggesting new spots without any additional charge. The productions take just minutes to change, and I love the control of producing quality announcements that are specifically designed to promote our company, products and services. We’ve enjoyed positive feedback from our customers, and I highly recommend this service."

Toni Dunn
Dunn Electric Supply

"Allan, I just wanted to send you an email to tell you what a good job your company does. I am like a typical small business owner in that I don’t worry about a lot of the small things (such as my on-hold message), but your group does a great job of reminding me to take care of it. Last week I got an email that my standard spots had not been changed in a while, and not only did you tell me that I should change them but you offered me suggested replacements.

My last on-hold company just milked my money and never did anything proactive – ever.

I just had a local Ace hardware store owner call me to ask who we used for our on-hold messages, and I gave him your company’s information. He was impressed with the quality of the product from the times that he was put on hold."

Chris Lamb
General Manager
Sefco Electric Supply Company, Inc.

"Our on hold system is working great - we just had one of the best turn outs for a counter day (6/7) that we have had in a long time. I attribute the high turn out to the "on hold" information. I have had a number of compliments from customers on the system. "

Darlene L. McEvoy
EDGES Electrical Group

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