My Account My Account

 How do I recover my forgotten/lost password?

 Can I have multiple users access my account?

 Can I change or remove Users from my account?

 If I have several locations, can I designate one or more persons to control the script productions for individual or multiple locations?

Script Development Script Development

 How many scripts can I create?

 Who takes care of writing scripts?

 Can I change the content of my scripts?

Content & Shuffle CMS Content & Shuffle CMS

 How many different on-hold productions can I build while in the Shuffle CMS?

 Can I hear what the recorded scripts sound like?

 Can I view the contents of my productions before they actually begin?

 What types of Production History Reports are available?

 How long will it take to create an on-hold production?

 Can your system handle dated material (with specific start and/or end dates), such as holiday hours or special event promotions?

 How often can I update my production?

 If I have multiple locations, can I tailor my content for the individual locations?

 Is background music available for my content?

 Do you have seasonal and holiday music available?

Technical Information Technical Information

 What kind of telephone system do I need to be able to use Shuffle?

 Do I need any additional equipment?

 Will your service work with a Hosted VoIP System?

 What type of playback equipment is used?

 How long is the equipment warranty?

 How does the playback device receive new on-hold productions?

 How long does it take to get the equipment installed, if needed?

 How long does it take to receive my new production once I’ve submitted it?

 What if I have more detailed questions about the actual operation of the Shuffle system or my account?

Billing & Terms Billing & Terms

 How does On-Hold Media Group stand behind its service?

 What forms of payment do you accept?